The complex consists of twelve columns at the height of 2600 mm, 11 horizontal crossbars: 1200 mm – 1 piece, 1700 mm – 10 pieces, and two different height walls made from wooden beams, which are each mounted on 2 pieces 1200 mm crossbars on the following heights: 300 mm/1050 mm, wall height 1200 mm and 500 mm/1850 mm, wall height 2000 mm from the rubber foundation. Wooden beam lengths are 1050 mm for the low wall and 1650 mm for the high wall. Crossbar fittings are put into effect with collars. Crossbars are mounted at the following heights: 2100mm, 2200mm (2 pcs.), 2300mm (5 pcs), 2400mm and 2500mm.


Vendor code: PK-009

Color: RAL 7016, RAL 5018

Dimensions: 5148 мм X 5148 мм

Height: 2650 мм

Weight: 676.3 kg