Panna Football

5 Reasons to choose Kenguru Pro Panna Football

1. Professional development and design. KENGURU PRO specializes in manufacturing of street sports equipment. Extensive experience, a friendly team of dedicated professionals, and powerful manufacturing infrastructure; these are the three factors that have helped us to become a global industry leader.

2. Advanced technology guarantees durability. The metal parts of Panna Football game areas—or cages—are not affected by corrosion and precipitation due to our cutting-edge processing technology. We offer a 10 year guarantee on our product.

3. Easy installation in any location. You don’t have to prepare the location in a special way before installation. We developed unique structural connecting units in the form of clamps, thanks to which the installation of the Panna Footbal complex is possible even on an uneven surface.

4. TÜV quality certified. This certificate officially confirms that our products comply with the international requirements for outdoor park equipment.

5. Universal parts. Do you want to create a full-fledged sports complex in your backyard or in a park? Choose KENGURU PRO!


Outer diameter: 7000 mm

Inner diameter: 6000 mm

Height: 900 mm

Weight: 450 kg

Connecting unit material: Siluminum

Support pole diameter: 108 mm

Flooring requirements: Asphalt, grass