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Dear Kenguru Pro customers,

We are happy to announce some very good news. Starting from 2024 Kenguru Pro equipment will be manufactured in a much higher quality and for almost the same price. Our new equipment line now consists of specially reinforced anodized aluminum vertical poles and all the horizontal equipment elements will be from stainless steel. Clamps like before will be from the aluminum and silumin mixture, BUT, we are adding a layer of anodization to the clamps as well. All the benches will also now be manufactured from anodized aluminum. We are completely going away from any materials that can rust and our long term vision is to have long lasting weather and wear proof parks. The new vertical reinforced aluminum poles are the result of lengthy work alongside engineers creating a profile that is lightweight and super durable. We tested this technology on multiple hard tests and in real life scenarios including a use of this pipe at the annual Street Workout and Calisthenics Championships 2023. We are now in the process of patenting this new pipe technology and in the process of filming a promotional video about this new technology. Our standard equipment will now come with no additional colour painting for the anodized aluminum pipes and stainless steel. Our clamps in the standard equipment line will be painted in matte black and vertical pole clamps will be from matte black plastic. As always, we will provide custom painting options in the RAL colour scheme to help you design the ideal park for your project.
We look forward to making your project a great long lasting success!

We deliver Worldwide.

Please contact us for delivery terms to your country.

We deliver Worldwide.

Please contact us for delivery terms to your 


Why our products are most popular among workout athletes

Kenguru Pro equipment is certified by the TÜV for quality control, and is made by recommendations of the WSWCF (World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation), professional athletes, and Olympic coaches which are involved in the production of Kenguru Pro sport parks. Therefore, our workout grounds are suitable for professional athletes and amateurs alike; allowing everyone to train effectively and correctly. Thanks to the patented connection nodes-clamps, they withstand a load 10 times greater than standard complexes.

Every year world championships, and the stages of the Street Workout World Cup are held on our calisthenics workout fields. During winter, our outdoor training parks perfectly tolerate cold, moisture and withstand corrosion. Thanks to a special treatment, metal surfaces do not get covered with ice and hands do not slip off easily. We do not divide projects into large and small, more or less important: we work equally for everyone, whether it is an outdoor park project for the city, an indoor complex for a gym, or several horizontal bars in the backyard of any private house, cottage, or even office. You can rest assured, we got you covered.


What is Street Workout?

Street Workout is a modernized term for outdoor bodyweight fitness and Calisthenics. The Street Workout sport has soared with popularity over the last decade; focusing primarily on using ones own body to train, common exercises include: pull-ups, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, squats, etc. Street Workout also involves some advanced static holds from gymnastics, and its own new flavor of tricks with many new movements being invented by amazingly talented athletes every year. It is a great honor to be apart of this rapidly expanding sport as it further grows and positively impacts communities worldwide. We look forward to serving you.

If your board, staff, or team wish to view a full presentation on Street Workout fitness parks and their positive impact on local communities, please feel free to contact us. In-person and online meeting options available, please inquire for more info.

Ready-made solutions from Kenguru Pro:

Kenguru Pro offers developer ready-made sports grounds that can be installed in a yard, park, stadium, or other location. All sites are designed in accordance with GOST and are ready for installation – no need to think about how to arrange and place them.


There is provided visualization, and you can immediately see how the site will look like.   A clear order of prices – the sites can be precisely “laid down” in budget.

We produce, package, and ship internationally, all within 15 business days of payment.

We have equipment for adults, children, and people with disabilities, allowing our product to be inclusive as possible to the community.

Why Kenguru Pro platforms?

Our equipment has received TÜV quality certification and provides a number of advantages:

Safety. The patented “clamp” connection securely holds the crossbars, so much so that KENGURU.PRO shells withstand loads 9 times more than other shells. Our painting technology for bars are also not susceptible to icing, and hands do not slip even during winter, autumn-spring training.

Long service life. The paint can withstand frost and moisture for many seasons – comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Correct and healthy training. We involve professional athletes in the development of our equipment, who monitor compliance with all parameters – height, stride width, crossbar thickness and other technical criteria, which allows you to train as efficiently as possible.

To see our full range of Ready-Made solutions, please contact us.

HOW TO BUY a Street Workout Park

The most important thing is to correctly choose the equipment which will best suit your needs. If you have any doubts, our team will help you to pick the right items and assist you to design your perfect sports ground. The price depends on the configuration. We can help meet your budget goals, ask how!

After approval of the project, we invoice you and include a sales agreement. Within 5 business days after cleared payment we ship the equipment and provide you with all relevant documents necessary for your sports ground. To discuss your future project, do not hesitate to contact us.

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KENGURU PRO workout equipment
We build professional street workout parks!

KENGURU PRO workout equipment
We build professional street workout parks!